College and Graduate School Applications

  • I’m writing a college application essay and I have no idea where to start. Can you help me brainstorm ideas and then edit my application drafts?

    Certainly! Just create an account and we’ll put you in contact with our college application specialists. They can walk you through the process of picking a topic and outlining your thoughts. Of course, you DO have to write the essay yourself, but once you’re done putting some words to paper (or word processor), your editor will then do an Ivy-level edit on your essay.

  • Can you help me edit the short answers on my college application essay?

    Yes. Generally the easiest method here is to compile all of your short answers into one Word document, and then submit everything for editing at once. This will save you some money and help your proofreader get a sense of your style and the tone of the application as a whole. For example, if you mention an experience in one question that your editor thinks you should also reference in another, having all of the short essays together will enable us to make that connection.

  • One of my recommenders is not a native English speaker. Can you edit his/her recommendation letter?

    Of course, and there are a couple of ways that we typically work with you and your recommender to do this. If your recommender doesn't mind giving you the letter, you can submit the document yourself, and we'll edit the recommendation letter and send the revised version back to you. You can then pass it on to the recommender for review and submission. If she would prefer that you not see the letter, you can simply pay for her to use our editing service, either directly or by purchasing Ivy Credits for an account that she creates. Your recommendation would then be returned directly to your recommender.

  • I've written several similar essays all for different schools. Since they're all saying pretty much the same thing, can you give me a discount on the editing?

    The most affordable option, especially if you're at the beginning of the writing process, is to write one essay (if you plan to use the Common App, you should probably write that one) and submit it to Ivy League Proofreaders for our Ivy League Touch service. Once we've edited that essay, you can use it as the foundation for the others. If you'd like, you can then submit those essays for our Basic level proofreading service, since we've already edited the original essay for content, in order to give them a thorough proofreading. In this situation, we recommend that you request the same editor for each of your essays, so that he or she will be able to maintain the context of your other work.

  • Help! My admissions essay is due tomorrow! Can you review it in time?

    Many of our editors were champion procrastinators in their day, so they're quite familiar with proofreading under pressure. Ideally, we'd like at least 12 hours, but if you're really in a rush, we'll try our best to accommodate you. However, we are not time travelers, so please don't set a deadline that will have elapsed before your payment clears.

    If you know ahead of time that you will need last minute editing (we call this "Planned Procrastination" and are considering making it into an officially-supported service), then you can email our support team ahead of time, and they will line up a proofreader for you in advance.

    We also suggest that you note your time restrictions in the special instructions field. We'll try not to suggest major organizational changes if we know you have to turn the essay in the same day.

Undergraduate Writing

  • Can professional editing help me get a better grade?

    Absolutely! Please note that while we can't guarantee a better grade (and we think you should be wary of anyone who does), professional editing means that your papers will be grammatically correct and technically sound. If you opt for Advanced or Ivy League Touch level editing service, our editors will also help you make more cogent, better-supported arguments. Ivy League Proofreading strongly encourages communication between our editors and our customers, so if you have questions about specific aspects of your paper, we can help you address those as well.

  • I'm really having trouble writing this essay for my class. Can you fix my paper?

    To be honest, we're not a writing service, and before you use one we strongly suggest you refer to your school's honor code. However, once you have a draft in place, even if it's very rough, our Ivy League Touch service can give you feedback on the structure and argument of your work. Basically we will go through your paper as if we were going to grade it, noting areas that need work. If it's in really rough shape, there may be a lot of areas where we'll make suggestions on how to expand or strengthen your argument, but you will need to do the actual writing. If this is the case, you may want to consider resubmitting the paper under our Basic or Advanced editing service after you've had more time to work on it. We recommend that you request the same proofreader when you do this.

  • I have reading responses due every week. They're short but I need them proofread on a tight deadline. Can you provide rush service?

    We can return edited documents quickly, and we do not charge rush fees! Ideally we'd like 12 hours to proofread any document, even short ones, as this allows us time to select an editor that is well-suited to your particular needs. We realize that this is not always possible, however, so if you have a window tighter than this, please contact us so we can keep an close eye on the progress of your document. We also suggest developing an ongoing relationship with one of our editors. If he or she knows you always submit 300 words at 3 pm on Thursdays, it's much easier to budget time for a speedy return.

  • I'm pretty happy with my paper, but my bibliography is a mess. Can you fix citations in the style that I need (eg, MLA, APA, or Chicago)?

    Absolutely. We would need to know what style your citations are meant to be in (you might be surprised at how many customers neglect to mention this) and the topic of the paper. Just make a note of this information when submitting your document. Please be aware, however, that our Basic proofreading service does not cover citations, so be sure to choose Advanced or Ivy League Touch service.

  • Does using a proofreading service violate my school's honor code?

    At the undergraduate level, only your school's administration can tell you whether using an editing service is a violation of the honor code. In most instances this is not a problem, since we provide an editing service rather than a writing service. In this sense, most schools view our service in the same vein as asking your roommate, best friend, or TA to review a draft copy of your work. We use Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature to make our edits, and you have the option of accepting or rejecting every one of them. To the best of our knowledge, we have never had a problem with a client and his or her school's honor code. And because we absolutely DO NOT plagiarize any of our work, our services are not at odds with sites like turnitin.com.

    If you are in graduate school or are writing papers for publication, most departments strongly encourage the use of a professional editing service. In fact, some of our most active clients are graduate students and professors writing dissertations, theses, and textbooks.

    Perhaps a short blurb as well about school honor codes and how we differ from other sites in this respect.

Graduate, Post-Graduate, and University Writing

  • I'm not a native English speaker and I need my journal article proofread. Can you help?

    Yes. For more details, please see our ESL FAQs here.

  • I'm a graduate student in a very specialized field. Do you have a proofreader who can help me edit my work?

    The chances we have an editor in your exact discipline might be slim, but we do have editors in every major field, including the pure and applied sciences. We'll happily line you up with the closest fit possible. We don't check equations for accuracy, but we will make sure that your thesis is clear and makes sense, that your writing flows well, and that your work is grammatically correct.

  • I need someone to proofread my thesis/dissertation. Can you edit such long documents in a short time?

    Definitely. We don't possess Hermione Granger's Time-Turner, so we do need enough time to physically read through the entire document. A good rule of thumb is 12 hours per 10 pages if you would like a Basic or Advanced level edit. If you're interested in our Ivy League Touch proofreading service, a few extra hours are needed in order to provide you with the full benefit of this service. If you are running very close to the deadline and need the document back sooner, please contact us ahead of time and we will make special arrangements.

  • My department is looking for contract proofreading. Do you provide long-term editing services?

    We do! Long-term services usually mean that we assign 1-2 proofreaders to handle all of your documents so that there is consistency in communication between you and the editor. If you have a rush job and your primary editor is not available, we will assign you another for that job. The simplest way to set up long term services is to create an account for the department and purchase Ivy Credits in advance. That way, anyone who is authorized for the account can use the existing credits rather than having to pay for each document separately. If you need to set up a contractor Purchase Order or some other payment arrangement, we'd be happy to accommodate you. Please contact us with your requirements.

Professional Writing

  • Do you edit documents for non-academic purposes?

    Of course. We have a number of long-term business customers in a variety of fields, from energy conglomerates to lawn care professionals. They use our editing services for presentations, email blasts, business plans, and more. We also edit resumes, cover letters, and even employee evaluations. For individuals, we've also proofread everything from book proposals to poetry.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • How is editing for ESL different than editing for other kinds of documents?

    There isn't much difference in the kinds of errors we correct, but often documents submitted by ESL speakers require more extensive changes to flow and sentence structure. As a result, we almost always encourage ESL submitters to use our Advanced or Ivy League Touch level editing services, even if they're really only looking for a grammar edit. This gives us the opportunity to correct word usage in order to make your writing sound more natural.

  • Do you offer English language tutoring or other general writing help?

    In addition to our ESL Service Pack, you should try our Ivy Writing Coach service, which will provide you with suggestions for incrementally improving your writing. With Advanced and Ivy League Touch proofreading services, you can also request that your editor make comments or suggestions about frequent or critical issues in your writing.


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